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Hasoğlu is a long-established Turkish firm founded 125 years ago. 

We started production and marketing of wood composite profiles with the firm name “Hasoğlu Kompozit Yapı Malzemeleri” in 2012. We aimed to reach high quality with the formulation using organic wood sawdust and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) in our full automated modern factory at Kayseri Organied Industrial Zone. We continue to present innovative, functional, quality and environmental friendly wood composite profile designs to our tasteful customers under Kanenzo and Hasoğluwood trademarks.

Starting our production with deck profiles, we spread our product range to pergola systems, siding systems, prefabricated construction systems, landscaping products and accessories. We use technologies like Closed System Water and Dust Absorption because of our environmental consciousness. You can follow environmental friendly, sustainable and modern designs from our website. Thank you for preferring us and being a part of this family.